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A Music afficionado, DJ, MC, Producer and
Entertainer Johnny Does it all!

Although he can be seen Djing in places like Miami, Las Vegas, or even in Europe, Johnny is proud to call New York City home.  A Resident DJ to many clubs in New York & the Current LIC Flea Market which draws thousands weekly!  He understands people & what motivates them music wise, which helps keep them on the dance floor which at end of the night turns out more money for management :) 

Johnny Seriuss is a very humble and likeable person!  Knowing how to mix music from around the world even though he only speaks English and Spanish! So don’t be suprised if he plays some brazilian to Greek! out of nowhere! or sometype of song that makes you go WOW!


A current remixer for DJcity an Industry respected and #1 DJ Record pool in the pool. He helps and works alongs side Djcity East Coast director Latin Prince. 

Having many remixes, edits on DJcity. Other Pools follow suit and also carries Johnny Seriuss music on DJ pools, and other dj pools online.

Johnny Seriuss has work along side New York's Hottest Djs such as Hot 97's DJ CAMILO & Mega 97.9 Alex Sensation. No Stranger to teaming up with New Yorks Top DJs he is currently working up the ranks to be one of the worlds top DJs.


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Why So Seriuss?